Discount Kit

Super charge your store promotions.

Convert shoppers to customers with all new native discount types and upsell widgets.

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Increase aov

Volume Discounts

Tempt your customers to buy more of specific products with a volume discount. Buy more, save more.


Order Goals

Sometimes a discount doesn't need to be complicated to be effective. Giving your customer's a target is a great way to increase AOV and conversion rates.

A free gift

Automatic GWP

Automatically add a free product to your cart based on the spend or quantity of specific items in your cart.

Last minute upsells

Order Checkout Upsells

Let your customer choose between products and their variants, to reach milestones.

One click is all it takes

Product Checkout Upsells

Continue your marketing story at checkout, with a one click upsell at just the right moment.



  • Volume based discounts

  • Order goal discounts

  • Native analytics

  • Storefront widgets



  • Volume based discounts

  • Order goal discounts

  • Storefront widgets

  • Native analytics

  • Checkout upsells (Plus only)

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